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  • Guaranteed, on-demand charging appointments with Metacharge booking app
  • Robust, proven fast charging stations from EVTEC
  • Exclusively for The Drivery members and Berlin businesses

Metacharge and EVTEC are launching the first vehicle charging service where business owners have guaranteed charging slots. This service is aimed at Berlin businesses as well as members of The Drivery who wish to reliably schedule vehicle charging into their operational processes.

The charging service is aimed at

  • Taxi companies
  • Driving and delivery services
  • Security services
  • Nursing and other welfare services
  • All companies where there are no or insufficient charging facilities possible at the company sites or at the employees’ homes.

The Metacharge charging system provides customers with the ability to plan multi-shift operations of vehicles that need to be charged quickly and on time.

Companies can benefit from the Metacharge charging service in three different ways:

  1. For fleet operators without their own parking spaces, charging of vehicles can be planned reliably, which in many cases makes the electrification of the fleet possible in the first place and takes away the worry of drivers not being able to find a charging station for their electric car.
  2. Businesses that want to provide their charging infrastructure on their premises can purchase, hire purchase or lease fast charging stations via Metacharge including operation. Their charging station is integrated into the Metacharge network and shared with other Metacharge members – just as they can use the shared stations of other members. Existing DC charging stations can also be integrated into the network after testing by Metacharge.
  3. As location partners, companies like The Drivery benefit from being able to have their private parking spaces for their own members, partners or guests equipped and operated with modern charging infrastructure. Housing associations can also benefit from the service for their tenants.


“Metacharge fits into our overall concept for several reasons: as a start-up in the sustainable mobility sector, they complement our portfolio as a company and show once again that there is still a lot of innovation potential in e-mobility. Their charging service at our Ullsteinhaus enables our members to reliably develop their solutions without having to go to public charging facilities,” says Timon Rupp, CEO of The Drivery GmbH.

“Our booking system and operating concept take drivers through the entire process, from the search for a charging station to the end of a charging session. This creates trust in the charging process, which helps to increase utilization of the vehicle’s range by driving it to a lower state of charge and allows faster charging due to the battery charging capabilities. We believe reliable charging will be what makes fleet electrification a viable and economical alternative to the combustion engine for many companies.” says Joachim Koepf, CEO of Metacharge.

With charging stations made in Switzerland, the EVTEC brand stands behind Metacharge’s high quality and reliability standards. Alexander Jochum, CEO of EVTEC GmbH, explains: “Metacharge is the first service in Germany that offers a scheduled charging service and does not leave the user to the coincidences of everyday life. The overall package includes the charging station, its technical operation and a planning and billing service, through which location operators can also refinance the stations in a plannable way, namely by allowing other Metacharge members to use it. This integrated service makes Metacharge unique for us and worth supporting.”

About Metacharge

The Berlin-based start-up, founded in 2021, offers vehicle-integrated charging station operations that complements other charging solutions and supports the market ramp-up of electric vehicles. In doing so, they solve the distribution problem of charging electric vehicles not with grid-loading redundancies – i.e., as many charging stations as possible – but with intelligent, dynamic planning of charging processes and higher utilization of the charging stations and existing grid connections. The charging process and the charging technology are thought through and designed as a whole, and sources of error are minimized throughout the entire charging process. The founders Joachim Koepf and Jan-Phillipp Riethmacher bring more than 20 years of experience in the field of charging to the project and continue to develop the solution in line with fleet operators’ requirements.

About The Drivery

The Drivery opened in 2019 as a marketplace for mobility innovators to provide the modern infrastructure needed for rapid innovation and the meeting place for the European mobility community. Located in Berlin, with over 12.000 m2 (and growing) space in the historic Ullsteinhaus building, The Drivery includes high-tech prototyping maker garages, a GPU farm that provides excessive processing power for AI development, and coworking, office and event spaces. The new sustainable solutions researched and developed in The Drivery aim to reshape the future of mobility for generations to come.


EVTEC is an engineering company that develops and produces products for electric mobility together with global partners. Since 2010, the focus has been on customized solutions for DC fast charging, and the experience in the network dates to the beginnings of electromobility in the late 1980s. The EVTEC product lines were among the first DC charging stations for car manufacturers, accompanying the electrification of their model ranges, the inspiration for high-power chargers over 50kW and the first market-ready bidirectional charging solutions. Based on the scalable EVTEC charging technology, international solutions for future-proof infrastructure development have emerged in recent years.

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