The E-Lorean Project

Shaping the Future of Car Manufacturing

As part of our ambitious European EV transformation initiative, we are thrilled to announce an exciting project taking place in our Berlin Maker Garages. In collaboration with partners, we are retrofitting the iconic DeLorean into an electric vehicle – the E-Lorean. This groundbreaking adventure showcases the future of car manufacturing during the early stages of development, where collaboration replaces single OEMs.

Cars are now modular platforms with integrated software, tailored for various purposes. The E-Lorean Project tells the story of startups, corporates, and individuals joining forces to build a future vehicle platform.

Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate the capabilities of this innovative vehicle on the Road2Barcelona journey, spanning from Berlin to Barcelona. With the help of automated and user-friendly systems, we can seamlessly charge the E-Lorean across multiple European countries. Developed as an open-source project, this electrified vehicle not only showcases future mobility possibilities but also pays tribute to the classic DeLorean.


Team-lead Felix provides help and instructions for the next steps in building the E-Lorean.


Workspace for the E-Lorean


Engine bay, scanned by Felix Kreysig


Timon Rupp uses an industrial grade 3D-Scanner which generates high-precision 3D meshes that can be imported into any construction software for design and engineering of components

Partners in the E-Lorean Project

In this extraordinary E-Lorean Project, a group of passionate enthusiasts has come together to collectively enhance and automate one of the most iconic cars ever manufactured. Equipped with all necessary automotive workshop infrastructure, the Maker Garages provide an ideal space to work tirelessly on this exceptional automotive endeavor. Participating in this project offers partners an opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions. We are delighted to have Staex on board as one of our partners, taking on a co-leading role in the project providing invaluable support in partner and project management. . The following companies are involved:

Support the E-Lorean Project and make history

Are you interested in being part of this groundbreaking project? We are actively seeking contributors for both the electrification and autonomization processes of the E-Lorean. If you have a passion for innovation and want to make a difference, this is your opportunity.

Inquire with us today to request technical specifications and find out which specific parts need to be covered. We have various areas where your expertise and support can have a significant impact, ranging from the battery management system to lighting, radar, and AI.

To become a partner, sponsor, or simply to ask additional questions about the E-Lorean, reach out to our dedicated team managing this project. We look forward to hearing from you. Together, we can turn this ambitious vision into a remarkable reality.

Watch E-Lorean Project Kick-Off video!

Contact E-Lorean Project team for additional information.