Recruiting Service

Get the best talent into your company with our Recruiting Service

Are you looking for new talent, do you want to fill new positions and expand your team, but you lack the time and expertise to do this conscientiously? Then our recruiting service is just the right thing for you. By using this start-up service, you transfer individual recruiting tasks to our partners as your external recruiting experts. They are your “extended arm”, so to speak, and relieve you of the burden of recruiting so that you can concentrate on your core business.

What is included in this service?

Finding the right employees is usually more difficult than you think and not a job to be done on the side. After all, a company is based on the knowledge of its employees, but team spirit and sympathy also play a role. We support you in creating your team the way you need it. We will put you in touch with the recruitment partner that best suits you and your company’s needs. This partner will then help you professionally in all recruitment matters.

Talent Search

The focus of our recruitment service is the talent search. Whether you are looking to fill C-level positions, create new positions or expand your existing team, we and our experts are the right partner for you. In doing so, we adapt the recruitment process entirely to your wishes and needs. However, our partners do not only focus on talents for a permanent position, but also on freelancers. Because the goal is to fill the position in the best possible way.

Freelance Pool

Are you looking for short-term support for your company, or do you need experts for a specific project? Then working with a freelancer is the right thing for you. Why? You save unnecessary personnel costs for an employment that is only half or short-term utilized and you get expert knowledge in the desired industry. We take over the tedious search for a suitable freelancer for you, as this can be time and resource consuming.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is no longer a foreign word and it is impossible to imagine recruitment without it. This is where our recruitment service comes in. We help you position yourself as an attractive employer and attract the right talent.

Why you should outsource recruiting?

Recruitment is often neglected, especially in the start-up phase of a company, and performed as an additional task by founders. However, since this task is time-consuming and important for the long-term success of the company, more attention should be paid to it. But what to do if you don’t have a personnel department yourself or if it is very busy? Outsource! Our recruitment service takes over the recruitment of top talents and supports you in filling all job positions that you need at the moment. Saving you money, time and nerves.

Which industries does our recruitment service cover?

Our recruitment service helps your company to bring your staffing level to the optimum. We are especially focused on companies in the areas of electric mobility, autonomous driving, shared mobility, logistics and smart city and help to find specialists for development (frontend and backend), engineering, AI projects, logistics, (electrical) technology and much more.

How to book the recruiting service of The Drivery

You want to book our recruitment service? With these 3 simple steps you can quickly build your team with us:

  • contact us: contact us via the button below and let us know your interest.
  • individual offer: Together with our partners, we will create an individual offer for the recruitment service – tailored to your needs.
  • onboarding session: As soon as the formalities are completed, our cooperation begins with an onboarding session. Here we discuss everything important, discuss goals and opportunities and plan.

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