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One of the first-ever members of The Drivery made an important announcement this past week as they revealed the purchase of a new fleet of eFlyer 800 aircraft — making Air2E the first fully sustainable AirTaxi operator in Europe in just a few years time.
“Air2E’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable aviation and now with the eFlyer 800 we are another step closer to this aim.” said Norbert Werle, Air2E’s Founder and CEO. “Our AirTaxi service is already today the most economical individual flight solutions available. In contrary to large airline operations, small 4 to 10-seat airplanes are the ideal size for a regional network of on-demand flights, consequently providing the fastest road to sustainable and cost-effective individual air-travel with all-electric airplanes like the eFlyer 800.”

Help us congratulate Air2E for their success and for being a big part of mobility innovation at the outset of The Drivery’s beginnings. 

View the press release in German or English below.
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