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As you know, The Drivery in Berlin Tempelhof offers plenty of flexible options for freelancers, SMEs and high-growth startups when it comes to our memberships and spaces. 

And when we thought we’ve reached the peak of flexibility, we took it a step further and are now collaborating with EFP-Line GmbH to take flexibility to the next level. We proudly present the WDNRwall system, exclusively for our members here at The Drivery!

WDNRwall is a modular room system, meaning the spaces can be arranged and reconfigured with minimal effort. Because the wall modules can be re-used to form an infinite number of combinations of wall structures, the lifetime cost of the parts end up being much more cost-effective than drywall and way more sustainable. 

The goal is to achieve a combination of smart function integration, a comfortable working environment and the sustainable use of materials. 

We’re honoured to have the chance to pilot our WNDRwall concept with The Drivery. While we are well-versed with the integration of modern technologies and the creation of timeless versatile co-working environments, we had to overcome the challenge of complimenting the setting of this historical building, the Ullsteinhaus,” says Audrey Heppner, CEO of EFP Line.

While the pilot project already features telephone boxes, textile walls and acoustic elements, windows and doors, urban farming modules, heating units and even LED displays will be installed in the next phase of the project. 

As a marketplace and space provider, we’re always amazed to companies innovating an industry that seems already developed and traditional. We’re excited to adapt to the future of work and further emphasize our promise of membership flexibility through our new partner, EFP Line GmbH.”, Timon Rupp, CEO of The Drivery.

For those interested in having a look at the new modular offices, please reach out to The Drivery team for a tour!
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